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General information on sign posts

The Kloeckner online shop offers all components required to set up a complete road sign. This includes signs sheets, steel posts, aluminium posts or passive posts as well as fixtures and fittings. The Kloeckner online offering includes both circular and square traffic sign posts with a straight or wide base. A variety of coatings and surface treatments are available to help make posts more durable and resistant to surrounding elements. Painted caps to hinder water from entering the cavity are also available online.

Which sectors utilise steel sign posts in their manufacture?

Signs and therefore metal sign posts are predominantly used in the traffic and road sector. Signs serve to give orders, warnings, direction, display information or draw attention to road works. Street sign posts are extremely important as they increase a signs visibility and its message. Signs help regulate and structure traffic. They are therefore essential in accident prevention and play a crucial role in keeping the general public safe. Due to their importance road signs posts need to be particularly study with a long lifecycle. As posts are exposed to the elements day and night, coatings are applied to protect material from the elements including damage by abrasion and corrosion. Surface treatments applied on traffic posts include galvanised, galvanised and powder coated, painted and anodised. The majority of surface finishes offered by Kloeckner are produced in Spain and showcase a superior quality to any other product offered within the UK market.

Frangible Safety Posts (FSP)

UK motorways are laced with Kloeckner Frangible Safety Posts (FSP). Frangible Safety Posts are highly engineered as they are composed of complex composite materials which are reinforced to outlast any other steel post. Despite their superior strength, FSPs have been designed to collapse in a safe manner upon impact. A controlled and predictable collapse reduces the risk of secondary accidents from debris, while also protecting subjects involved in the collision. FSPs are engineered to dramatically lift force off vehicle and its occupants thereby significantly reducing the risk for serious injuries or even fatality. In crash tests the post was awarded the highest safety ranking.

FSPs like posts manufactured from common steel tend to be coated. Treated steel posts can therewith outlast untreated steel by up to 3 times. Surface finishes furthermore reduce the need for maintenance thus reducing costs in the long run. FSP systems also bear a cost benefit in that their installation is quick and easy and can be undertaken using standard equipment and techniques. FSP is lighter and thus easier to handle & install than common steel posts.

Which sign products can you buy in the Kloeckner online shop?

Kloeckner Metals UK are the specialist stockist and distributor for Frangible Safety Posts. Next to FSP and Wide Based Posts (WBP) you can also find more common aluminium and mild steel posts in the Kloeckner online shop. To prevent moisture from entering and corroding the inside of the post, we also offer painted square and circular post caps made from PVC. Like all Kloeckner long products posts are available in a number of lengths, straight from stock or cut to length in house.