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General information on sign sheets

Kloeckner Metal UK supplies sign sheets in a range of different materials including Aluminium, Di Bond, GRP, Composites, Plastisol and Alucore as well as various surface finishes and coatings. Each of these materials is manufactured using a different manufacturing method and particularly well suited due to their superiority in terms of corrosion-, weather- and abrasion-resistance. This material durability insures a long lifecycle. Finishes and coatings deviate from the standard allowing the application of films and paint for the sign to fulfil its ultimate purpose.

Sign products supplied by Kloeckner are predominantly used in the traffic sector as road sign sheets, direction or warning signs. Metal sign sheets can however also be purchased as a blank sign and hence utilized in a variety of different industries.

Which materials are used to manufacture signage sheets?

Signs are fabricated in standard Kloeckner materials including aluminium and steel but also available in a range of specialist materials that are tailored specifically to signage purposes. Materials and finishes that are special to sings include Composites (commercial and hoarding grade), Dibond Traffic, GRP, Coil Coated Aluminium Sheet, Plastisol, Zintec, Galvanised and Stainless Steel.

Typical finishes of aluminium sign sheets include mill finished or alochromed and painted in grey, white or black. Aluminium alloys 1050 and green alloy 9017 are particularly suited to signage as they display a high corrosion resistance as well as good thermal and electrical conductivity. Easy formability and welding are added advantages to using aluminium.

Di Bond
Dibond® Traffic or Display Bond is an aluminium composite sheet which has a 0.3mm aluminium skin and a UV resistant polyethylene core. It is ideal for achieving distortion free road signs while the enamelled finish ensures excellent adhesion. Di Bond is superior in terms of impact and corrosion resistance and has successfully been tested for use in a riveting system. It is easily manipulated by shearing, sawing, punching and folding. Dibond® Traffic is furthermore fully recyclable and compliant with ISO 9001.

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or fiberglass is comprised of glass fibres, polyester resins, inert fillers, UV stabilisers, promoters and flame retardants. Previously known as a temporary solution for traffic signs, a newer development labelled MP GRP has become a more permanent solution to replace aluminium signs. GRP offers greater price stability than aluminium. Both GRP products supplied by Kloeckner are made to Department for Transport regulations and comply with British Standards.

Composite sheet is a sandwich type panel consisting of two aluminium sheets with an LDPE core. Sheets are coated with a high resistance polyester and protected with a transparent film. Hence one side has a matt and the other a gloss finish. Composite products are lightweight yet rigid. With a total thickness of only 2-4mm our composite products can be processed using light tools. Hence cutting, punching, drilling and routering is uncomplicated. Composites are furthermore available in a range of different extrusions.

Plastisol is a hot-dipped galvanised steel substrate available in an embossed finish and pvc coated. An excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion as well as easy formability make plastisol very popular in the manufacturing of sign sheets.

Alucore® is an aluminium sandwich-type panel characterised by high rigidity while being extremely low weight. Because Alucore® uses a viscoplastic adhesive, it displays a much better peel strength than conventional honeycomb composites. The flatness and alucobond lacquer coat finish of these composite panels reinforces resistance to weathering, extreme sunlight, industrial atmospheres, moisture and soiling.

Which sign sheets can you buy in the Kloeckner online shop?

Kloeckner Metals UK stocks sheets for signs in various materials. Components can be ordered individually or fully assembled. Choose from an extensive range of materials including Coil Coated Aluminium Sheet, Composites, Dibond Traffic, GRP, Plastisol, Zintec or Stainless Steel. Add a powder galvanised finish, paint or film coat. As a supplementary service Kloeckner offers guillotining, Bollhoffing and folding.