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General information on sign products

Kloeckner supplies the most extensive range of sign products and services across the UK and Ireland. Whether base plates, sign stands, sheets, fixtures, fittings or tools - Kloeckner is your one stop shop for all commercial and traffic sign materials. Introducing products like Frangible Safety Posts and Dibond Traffic composite has provided Kloeckner with a positive, innovative image throughout the UK sign industry. We constantly thrive to innovate our customers business!

Materials used in the manufacturing of metal signs

Signs consists of a few basic components: a sheet, post and some fittings. Our assortment encompasses standard and bespoke components in a wide range of materials and finishes. From Aluminium, Di Bond, GRP, Composites, to Plastisol and Alucore. These materials are preferred for their corrosion-, weather- and abrasion-resistance yet easy formability. Durability and stability are important considering the stresses sign products are subjected to on a daily basis. Weather resistance (especially in coastal areas) is particularly important. To further protect signs from the elements and reinforce thermal and electrical conductivity, special coatings and finishes are typically applied.

  • Aluminium with a mill finished, alochromed and painted in grey, white or black. Displays high corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Di Bond or Display Bond is a composite sheet with a thin aluminium skin and a UV resistant polyethylene core. A material with excellent adhesion as well as superior impact and corrosion resistance.
  • Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or fiberglass has become a permanent solution to replace aluminium with the added advantage of offering more price stability.
  • Composites are sandwich type panels consisting of two aluminium sheets with an LDPE core. A high resistance polyester coating with a transparent film helps protect the sign from abrasion and corrosion.
  • Plastisol is a galvanised steel substrate with an embossed finish and pvc coat.
  • Alucore® is an extremely durable yet lightweight honeycomb composite with great peel strength. A lacquer coat finish makes Alucore® resistant to weathering, extreme sunlight, industrial atmospheres, moisture and soiling.

An advantage to most of the above materials is the fact that they are easily manipulated without having to apply heavy machinery.

Which sectors utilise sign products?

Signs supplied by Kloeckner are predominantly utilized in the UK road and traffic industry as warning, direction, information and roadwork signs. The application and purpose of signs in traffic reinforces the importance of clear visibility both in terms of readability but also mounting and stability. Hence all our sign sheets can be ordered in the typical white, black or grey colour combinations but also with special protective coatings. Such coatings furthermore significantly elongate material longevity, reducing the need for maintenance and ultimately replacement.

Which sign products can you buy in the Kloeckner online shop?

Kloeckner Metals UK offers standard and bespoke sign components which can be purchased individually or fully assembled in a wide range of materials and finishes. Next to posts, sheets, fixtures & fittings, we also offer accompanying products including clips, clamps, buckles, nuts, bolts, brackets, caps, rail, as well as drivers and branding tools.