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General information on steel rounds

Steel rounds or steel round bars are long, cylindrically shaped steel sections. They can be manufactured in a variety of different metals ranging from hot & cold rolled steel to stainless, aluminium or brass. Steel rounds are commonly also referred to as round bar, steel bar, bar stock, solid round bar or steel rod. Metal rounds are popular for a few reasons: They are universally available in large quantities. They can be manufactured quickly and at a low cost. Rounds, like most steel sections are easily manipulated making them suitable for several applications and industries. The Klockner online shop provides rounds in various dimensions and cut to length to suit different industry specific needs.

How are rounds manufactured?

The manufacturing of steel rounds requires primary steel products like blooms, ingots and billets. These are reheated using a billet heating furnace. Rolling at a high temperature allows the easy manipulation and shaping of billets using a bar rolling mill. The resulting product is round or square in shape and can additionally be subjected to descaling. Descaling eliminates mill scale which has been created on the material surface as a result of exposure to high temperatures. This grants a smooth surface finish with a greater design appeal.

Steel rod can also be manufactured using a cold drawing technique. During cold drawing, previously shaped steel is pushed through a stencil and thereby given a round shape. Cold drawing generates high-quality solid smooth round bar with only minor deviations in measurements. Like other cold manufacturing processes, drawing increases product stability and generates a particularly strong bar.

Production methods should be chosen according to specific material characteristics required in the end product.

Which industries utilise steel rounds in their manufacture?

Hot rolled rods tend to be applied in industries like construction and infrastructure where precise measurements and a smooth surface finish are deemed less important. Examples of such applications include structural support in bridges, walkways and buildings.

Cold rolled, stainless and aluminium rods tend to find use in other applications for example as supporting structures, braces and shafts. Due to their smooth finish such solid round bars have a greater design appeal and are hence more commonly utilized in the manufacturing of furniture including chair, table and bed frames.

What are the benefits of steel rounds?

The popularity of round steel sections is characterised by their enhanced performance and strength. A maximum yield and high carrying capacity, yet easily manipulated and connect to other materials. Steel bar stock is furthermore uniquely sustainable as it is fully recyclable. These cumulative factors make steel rods a popular choice throughout multiple industries and applications.