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General information on steel squares

Metal squares are long steel sections with four right angles that are sometimes also referred to as square stock steel or square metal rod. Steel squares can be manufactured in a variety of metals ranging from hot & cold rolled steel to stainless, aluminium or brass. Each of which is associate with different benefits and usage applications. The popularity of square rods can be accredited to the fact they are universally available. Squares can be manufactured quickly, in bulk and at a low cost. Squares are furthermore easily manipulated and connected to other materials making them very versatile in application. The Klockner online shop provides squares in a variety of dimensions and cut to length to suit your industry specific needs.

How are steel squares manufactured?

The general manufacturing process for steel sections always starts off the same way. First, primary material such as ingots, blooms and billets are ground. The resulting raw product is reheated and consecutively descaled before passing through a rolling mill. The rolling mill shapes sections into rounds, squares, angles or flats. The manufacturing method outlined is a so called hot-rolling process which is commonly utilised in the manufacturing of standard steel sections.

Depending which characteristics should be evoked in the end product, square sections can additionally be subjected to cold-rolling. Cold rolling increases material strength while also granting greater accuracy in size.

Square steel sections can also be produced using a cold drawing technique in which squares a shaped with the aid of a stencil. Cold drawn sections are characterised by a smooth finish. Production method and rolling temperature should be chosen according to specific characteristics required in the end product.

Which industries utilise squares in their manufacture?

Metal squares are uniquely sustainable. Low maintenance and a long lifecycle make squares particularly suited to outdoor applications. Hot rolled squares tend to find use in heavier applications like construction, infrastructure and agricultural equipment where precise tolerances and a smooth surface finish are deemed less important. While cold rolled, stainless and aluminium squares are due to their more refined finish and enhanced strength preferred in the manufacturing of furniture, handrails or framing, where an aesthetically pleasing finish is more important.

What are the benefits of square steel sections?

Square steel sections showcase enhanced strength and performance with a high carrying capacity. Yet metal squares are easily connected to other materials making them increasingly popular in a variety of applications and industries. Simplified processing of steel squares also grants opportunities to cut processing and manufacturing costs. Like most steel products, metal square sections are fully recyclable and hence an environmentally friendly choice.