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General information on tee section steel

Tee sections or T-sections also commonly referred to as t bars are long steel products named by their unique ‘T’ shaped cross section. Unlike other sections however tee sections (t section steel) can be produced with an equal or unequal cross section. Structural t sections can be manufactured in a variety of different materials making them particularly versatile in application and hence popular throughout multiple industries. To suit your industry specific needs, Kloeckner offers tee bars in various dimensions, cross sections and cut to length.

How are T-sections manufactured?

Tee profiles are commonly produced using a hot rolling process. During hot rolling primary steel products such as blooms and billets are heated to approximately 1100 degrees Celsius. The manipulation of metal above its recrystallization point plays an important role as it enables drastic deformation of steel using only a few rolling cycles. Hot rolling is predominantly concerned with the manipulation of material shape and geometry rather than affecting mechanical properties. Exposure to ambient temperature creates a blueish mill scale on the products surface which can be removed through pickling, oiling or shot blasting. A descaled steel product has a smooth finish with greater design appeal. At times mill scale is not removed as a conscious choice for the fact that it provides protection against light corrosion. Fasting cooling of material limits control to manufacture t sections according to precise tolerances and measurements.

Additional cold rolling can be applied if applicable. Rolling temperatures are generally critical as temperature has a direct influence on steel properties and thus suitability of sections for specific applications.

Which sectors utilise steel T-sections?

Hot rolled steel products including T profiles tend to find application in industries where precise measurements and a smooth finish are deemed less important. Such industries include welding and construction trades, railroad but also agricultural, engineering, fencing and security applications.

What are the benefits of T-sections?

Mild steel t sections are universally available, can be manufactured quickly, in bulk and at comparably low cost. A low carbon content and yield point of steel tees enable easy manipulation, fabrication and machining without having to apply specialist machinery or tools. Simple manipulation and connection to other materials reinforces the versatility and makes structural tees suitable for a wide range of applications. Kloeckner offers a broad range of steel sections with varying finishes and lengths to suit your industry specific needs.