Universal Steel Beams

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General information on universal steel beams

Universal beams are load bearing elements, whose primary function is to withstand immense forces and stresses associated with bending. Beams are very versatile in application but most frequently utilized in the construction of complex structures. While beams supply stability, when combined with glass or other materials they may also serve as a design element.

How are universal beams manufactured?

Universal beams are manufactured by hot-rolling lower-cost structural steel. The prefabricated primary material or ingots are heated and formed in the rolling line of a mill, where every cycle of rolling or ‘rolling pass’ reduces material thickness thereby also elongating the material.

Characteristics such as thermal and residual stress can already be manipulated during production. Alternatively, subsequent surface treatments can bring forth desirable characteristics.

Where do universal beams come into operation?

Universal beams are applicable in a wide range of fields, including the following industries:

  • Steel work
  • Energy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Concrete construction

What are the benefits of universal beams?

Kloeckner customers cherish universal beams for their advantageous qualities including:

  • Flexible design
  • High bearing capacity
  • Fast assembly of prefabricated components
  • Competitively priced/competitive material costs
  • Unproblematic recycling