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General information on cold reduced steel sheets

Kloeckner Metals UK holds a complete strip mill stock range which includes hot rolled and cold reduced steel sheets. Rolling is the most common steel forming method and generally happens at ambient or room temperature. Because cold reduced sheets are shaped at room temperature they are also referred to as cold rolled. Material that is cold formed if often previously hot rolled. Subsequent cold rolling reduces thickness and increases material strength. A cold formed end product therefore showcases tighter tolerances and is characterised by a smoother finish than heavier hot rolled materials. This instance is cause for the popularity of cold reduced materials in indoor applications. Popularity is further reinforced by the fact that such sheets are fully recyclable and thus uniquely sustainable.

How are cold rolled steel sheets manufactured?

Previously hot rolled sheets can subsequently be subjected to cold forming with the help of a cold rolling mill containing tandem rolling mill stands with vertically stacked rollers, or a reversing mill (in which material is passed back and forth in a circular rather than a linear motion). Due to an absence of heat material thickness can only gradually be reduced in multiple rolling cycles. This circumstance is cause for a harder, more durable end product. Different levels of hardness ranging from full-, half-hard to quarter hard or skin rolled can be achieved when cold rolling. Generally, the greater the reduction in thickness, the harder the end product.

If additional characteristics are required, the chemical composition of primary material can be altered to induce different degrees of formability, a resistance to corrosion and heat or a special drawing. Cold rolled steel is therefore very versatile and hence applicable in a wide range of industries.

Which sectors utilise cold reduced steel sheets in their manufacture?

Unlike hot rolled (that are often covered by a layer of mill scale as a result of heating) cold rolled steel sheets tend to have a smooth, more polished finish. Their smooth finish and hence design appeal make cold reduced products popular in most indoor applications. Cold reduced sheets are frequently utilized in furniture (filing cabinets, desks, tables, chairs), automotive (exhausts, lawn mowers), home appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, hinges, ceiling and wall mounts.

Cold reduced sheets can furthermore be manufactured according to exact measurements which is important in industries where precision is essential (ex. Home appliances).

Which cold reduced steel sheets can you buy in the Kloeckner online shop?

Kloeckner offers cold reduced products in a variety of steel grades and gauges. Our cold rolled products can be delivered with enhanced surface finishes and strength to suit particularly demanding processing environments. Purchase cold formed produces online in DC01, oiled and thicknesses ranging between 0.6mm and 3.0mm.