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Hot Rolled Steel Sheets

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General information on hot rolled steel sheets

Steel sheets can either be poured or rolled into shape. Rolling happens at room- or ambient temperature, the latter of which is also referred to as hot rolling. Method and rolling temperature are usually chosen according to the thickness of the end product required. If a thinner, harder sheet is required material is initially hot rolled and then subsequent cold rolling processes are applied to further reduce material thickness.

Hot rolled steel sheets are popular due to their versatility. Depending on their chemical composition, hot rolled sheets can be manufactured with varying degrees of hardness, formability, a corrosion- and heat- resistance or a particular drawing.

Like most other steel products hot rolled steel (steel hr) sheets are uniquely sustainable, as they are 100% recyclable.

How are hot rolled steel sheets manufactured?

During hot rolling, primary steel products (slabs, blooms or billets) are passed through a mill at a very high temperature (typically over 1700°F). Once soft the steel is easily manipulated. During hot rolling steel is only heated once (and not multiple times as is common in cold rolling). Hence, hot rolled steel sheets are typically quicker and cheaper to manufacture. Though it is difficult to manufacture hot rolled sheets in exact measurements as sheets are prone to shrinking during cooling. Therefore, hot rolled steel sheets are often utilised in industries such as railroad and beam construction where tolerances in measurements are flexible. If exact measurements are required, it is advisable to revert to cold rolled steel products.

Which sectors utilise hot rolled steel sheets in their manufacture?

Hot rolled steel sheets find application in a range of different sectors, including:

  • Transportation (rail tracks)
  • Automotive (truck frames, wheels)
  • Energy
  • Ship Building
  • Defence
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction
  • Domestic Appliances