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Reversing Mill Steel Plates

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General Information on reversing mill steel plates

Reversing mill steel plates are a Kloeckner staple and hence offered in a variety of dimensions and strengths. Our Durham facility stocks and processes reversing mill plates on site exclusively for Kloeckner.

Reversing mill plates were awarded their name due to the unique manufacturing process. Plates are produced in a reversing mill or reversing cold rolling mill.

How are reversing mill steel plates manufactured?

In contrast to coiled material which is continuous cast and rolled, reversing mill plate are first cast into slabs. Slabs are then re-heated and rolled on a set of four opposing roles. Each backward and forward pass helps reduce material thickness until the desired size and tolerance is reached.

Revering mill plates are flexible, low-cost and come in a wide variety of measurements (from general to very specific). They benefit from a tight strip thickness and shape tolerances. Minimum off-gauge lengths as well as a high surface quality make reversing mill plates a very popular steel product.

Steel that has passed through the reversing mill can be subjected to additional heat treatments such as quenching and tempering to further manipulate mechanical properties. Repeated quenching or tempering causes for a much harder, more resistant end product.

Which sectors utilise reversing mill steel plates in their manufacture?

Reversing mill plates are utilized in a variety of industries ranging from yellow goods such as mining machinery, diggers, drilling to oil and gas equipment.

They find further use in wind turbines or chemical storage as well as anchoring systems for bridges and oil rigs.

Which reversing mill steel plates can you buy in the Kloeckner online shop?

Reversing mill plates are often preferred over coiled material as they can be delivered in a much broader range of specifications. Fully customisable, Kloeckner can deliver reversing mill plates in different sizes, thickness, flatness and deviations making them particularly suited for specialist jobs.

We produce reversing mill plate with a width of up to four meters and in various nonstandard thicknesses. Choose from our online assortment which includes reversing mill structural plates, pressure vessel plates, marine plate, offshore plates and abrasion plates in a variety of quality alloys.