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General information on tube clamps

Tube clamps are devices used to secure and support tubes or pipes in a variety of applications. They are typically used to hold pipes in place, prevent them from moving or vibrating, and provide support for their weight. Tube clamps are used to connect round pipes in pipe constructions. They are used to make clamped or screwed connections which, for example, provide a firm hold for scaffolding, railings, barriers, clamping frames or furniture and ensure stability.
Tube clamps are available in many different designs. As fastening elements for anchoring pipes to building components, they are often referred to as pipe clamps. These are available, for example, as wall brackets, foot plates, handrail brackets or fastening rings with a flange. Common designs of pipe connectors for connections between round pipes are T-pieces, swivel pieces, corner pieces (designed as bends, three-way corner pieces or continuous corner pieces) or cross pieces. Hinged pipe connectors are also offered in the form of corner pieces, cross pieces or T-cross pieces. Joint pieces with adjustable angles are also available, for example in the form of adjustable corner pieces, single and double joint pieces or joint eyes. Usually round tubes with the same diameters are connected. However, tube clamps are also available for connecting different pipe diameters.

Manufacture of tube clamps

Tube clamps are usually manufactured from cast iron or malleable cast iron using casting processes. In casting, liquid material is introduced into a mould, which forms a solid after solidification. Casting processes are ideal for the production of complex shapes in mass production.
The material malleable cast iron is a special iron-carbon-silicon casting alloy that offers several advantages compared to cast iron. Compared to ordinary cast iron, malleable cast iron has better mechanical properties, is tougher and is easy to machine. It is very suitable for the production of thin-walled castings. Malleable cast iron tube fittings have good corrosion resistance, which is often increased by hot-dip galvanising or electroplating to make them more resistant and robust.

Where are tube clamps used?

Tube connectors and tube clamps are used in these areas, for example:

  • Tube constructions
  • Scaffolding
  • Production of clamping frames
  • Construction of tubular steel furniture
  • Shelf construction
  • Shop fitting
  • Stage construction
  • Trade fair construction
  • Railing construction
  • Construction of barriers

Advantages of tube clamps

Tube clamps allow for quick fabrication and adjustment of pipe constructions, as the connections are easily detachable and mountable. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for the erection of temporary constructions such as barriers, scaffolding or stages.