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General information flat bars

Steel flat bars are known under various different names within the industry. Sometimes referred to as (steel) flat bar, flat metal or steel bar, these are solid long products that fall in the greater category of steel sections. To suit a broad range of applications and industries Kloeckner supplies standard hot rolled metal flats in different quality alloys as well as cold rolled, surface treated and cut to length. Simply login and browse our large selection of metal flat bar (260), round bars or other mild steel/bright steel or galvanized steel products.

How are flat bars manufactured?

The manufacturing process of flat metal bar is kickstarted with the melting of primary steel products such as blooms and billets. These are then rolled at ambient temperature (hot rolled) of approximately 1200 degrees Celsius. Subjecting steel to such high temperatures enables easy manipulation to form bars in only a few rolling cycles. While rollers reduce thickness, they also help shape the steel into a flat bar. Manipulation at ambient temperature leads to the formation of mill scale on the product surface. Mill scale causes for a rough surface finish which can be smoothened by subjecting the product to further pickling, oiling or shot blasting. Sometimes however mill scale is not removed to take advantage of its anti-corrosive properties. Hot rolling and the rapid cooling of material (and therefore shrinking) hinders the ability to produce hot rolled flats according to precise measurements. The rate at which steel cools generally influences product characteristics and should therefore be carefully considered and monitored during production processes.

Which industries utilise flat bars in their manufacture?

Metal flats are extremely versatile. Not only are they easily connected to other steel & metal products, but various alloy compositions also help to tailor product characteristics to a wide range of applications and industries.

Hot rolled flat bars tend to find use in heavy industries where precise tolerances are no top priority. If tighter tolerances are deemed essential, cold rolling or alternative materials are a valid fall back solution. Heavier industries such as agriculture, marine, construction, engineering or automotive utilize flats in supporting structures, buildings or frames.

Due to their polished finish, cold rolled flat metal bars have a more appealing design and are hence commonly utilized in architectural applications or the manufacturing of furniture including railing, or chair and bed frames.

What are the benefits of using flat bars?

The popularity of steel bars can predominantly be accredited to product versatility. Their versatility is in part derived from the fact that flats are easily manipulated and connected to other materials – without the need of high performance machinery or tools. This significantly broads the application spectrum of flats. Other benefits of flat bars include:

  • Universally available in large quantities
  • Low cost in machining and production
  • Quick to manufacture
  • Low carbon content for enhanced performance and strength
  • Low yield point
  • High carrying capacity
  • Uniquely sustainable as fully recyclable

Flat bars in the Kloeckner online shop

The Kloeckner Metals UK online shop stocks flat bars in various quality alloys with different surface treatments and in bespoke lengths. Choose descaled, bright steel flats, Stainless steel flat bar 260, half round or flats with convex edges. Steel flat bar sizes range from 3000mm to 7000mm (length) and 0mm to 500mm in thickness.