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General information on galvanized sheets

Sheets are the most readily available form of steel. Galvanized sheets are standard hot or cold rolled steel sheets which are consecutively hot dipped galvanized or electrogalvanized. Galvanizing refers to a process in which a layer of zinc is applied to help protect steel sheets & plates against the elements. Its superior corrosion resistance and versatility grants galvanized steel popularity throughout a range of different applications and industries.

How are galvanized steel sheets manufactured?

Galvanising is a surface finish and hence applied once material has passed through common (hot or cold) rolling procedures. Generally steel sheets can be produced with differing degrees of hardness, formability, a corrosion & heat resistance or special drawing. Certain characteristics including corrosion resistance can then be reinforced by subjecting the material to additional galvanising. There are two methods of galvanizing steel products: Hot dipping and electrogalvanizing, both of which involve the formation of a protective zinc alloy on the material surface which hinders rusting. During hot dipping, a steel sheet is fully immersed in a solution of molten zinc. This method creates a very thick and thus effective protective layer.

Electrogalvanizing utilises an electric current within a zinc solution to trigger the oxidisation of zinc to the material surface. This process can also be referred to as electroplating. The protective layer created using electrogalvanizing is thinner, showcasing fewer deposits and hence a brighter finish.

Which industries utilise galvanized metal sheets?

Hot dipped galvanized steel products can be found in many outdoor applications, ranging from lamp posts, traffic signs to public trash cans, gates and handrailing. Other common areas of applications for galvanized steel include residential & commercial airducts as well as roofing or automotive.

Generally, galvanized steel plate lends itself to all applications in which material is subjected to harsh weather conditions and where little to no maintenance is an important criteria. While hot dipped galvanized products cater to harsher conditions, electrogalvanized sheets are more suited to applications that may require brackets/fasteners or a greater design appeal.

What are the benefits of galvanising sheets?

Galvanized steel sheets bear many advantages over untreated steel. Galvanized sheets are quick to manufacture, dipping in zinc only takes a matter of minutes. Since steel product are fully immersed in a zinc bath, an even layer can be applied even in hard to reach corners and bends. This guarantees all over protection of the underlying steel and is less laborious than applying other protective spray/paint coatings. Galvanizing creates a protective - that means anti-corrosive and abrasion resistant - layer that is self-healing. The reliable performance of galvanized products implies low maintenance and a long material lifecycle. Galvanized steel is uniquely sustainable as it is fully recyclable. Galvanized products are therefore no burden to the environment.