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General information on sheets

The most primary form of steel are steel sheets. Steel plates and sheets are extremely versatile and often serve as a starting point for the manufacturing of other steel products. Depending on their chemical composition, steel sheets can be manufactured with differing degrees of hardness, formability, with a resistance to corrosion & heat or a particular drawing. Apart from varying thicknesses and dimensions sheets & plates are available in mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel and with different surface treatments. The popularity of steel sheets and plates can be accredited to numerous factors, ranging from product versatility, sustainability, recyclability to strength and design.

How are steel sheets manufactured?

The basic steel making process is started with the melting of primary products such as iron ore and coal. Depending on the desired characteristics of the end product, other materials can be added to the melt. Carbon levels can, for example, influence material strength and sturdiness and thus help tailor the product to specific applications and industries. Once molten, the now liquid melt is passed through continuous casting. This is followed by reheating. The metal is then finished using a set of rollers. Rolling helps reduce material thickness. Sheet metal is available as a coil or individual sheets. If required, the resulting product can be subjected to further rolling at room temperature also referred to as cold rolling. Cold rolled sheets are thinner, stronger and can be manufactured according to precise measurements. This accuracy makes cold rolled sheet particularly well suited to applications where precise tolerances are deemed important.

Which industries utilise sheets in their manufacture?

Industries where precise tolerances are essential include automotive, certain architectural applications, domestic household goods as well as in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment. These industries may also draw on stainless sheets, aluminium or mild steel sheets for their more polished finish.

While the their coarser hot rolled counterparts tend to find application in heavier industries such as construction, energy, marine or railroads. Various treatments and coatings can be utilised to help further tailor sheets & plates to specific applications and industries.

What are the benefits of metal sheets?

Steel sheets are extremely versatile. Material characteristics can not only be altered with the aid of different chemical compositions but also by applying additional surface coats and treatments. Coated sheets can showcase superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, can enhance strength or design appeal depending on the designated end use. Custom measurements and laser cutting help create a fully customised product suited to a broad range of applications and industries.

Steel sheets are furthermore fully recyclable. Their uniquely sustainable nature means steel sheets are no heavy burden to the environment and thus a conscious choice. Steel is furthermore universally available in bulk. Sheets can be manufactured quickly and at low costs.

Sheets in the Kloeckner online shop

The Kloeckner online shop offers a variety of different steel sheets and plates. Apart from mild steel sheet metal, you can also find stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet or galvanized sheet metal. Specify measurements and surface treatments to tailor sheets to a specific area of application. Mill certificates of all products are available upon request.