Universal Steel Columns

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General information on universal columns

Beams and columns are weight bearing structures. As load carrying products, beams and columns are often subject to immense forces and stress. While beams tend to bear forces associated with bending, columns are specifically designed to withstand the compression of a load.

Universal columns are nonetheless versatile in application and frequently utilized in the construction of complex structures. Without columns or beams the stability of any given structure would be compromised considerably. They comprise the stable foundation needed to create the most astonishing constructions.

Steel columns can be set up quickly and are cost effective when compared to other materials.

How are universal columns manufactured?

Universal columns are -similarly to beams- manufactured from hot-rolled steel. The manufacturing process begins with prefabricated ingots which are heated and subsequently shaped by rolling. Every rolling cycle reduces the thickness of material, also elongating the final product.

During this production process characteristics of universal columns for example concerning thermal and residual stress can be altered to better suit the later area of application. Additional surface treatments can be applied in hindsight to further manipulate the end product.

Where do universal columns come into operation?

Universal columns are applicable in a wide range of fields including:

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering

What are the benefits of universal columns?

Universal columns are immensely popular due to their:

  • High bearing capacity
  • Easily assembly
  • Cost efficiency
  • Recyclability