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General information on square hollow sections (SHS)

Square hollow sections (SHS) are considered very versatile due to their physical characteristics. SHS are known as being a particularly sturdy product, as they are less susceptible to bending and can therefore withstand high levels of tension: a so called stress optimized product.

Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections lend themselves to welding, drilling and angled connections thus enabling the building of stable frame constructions. Engineers utilize the sections cavity for fire resistance, incorporating utility lines or increasing weight bearing capacity.

The reduced weight of hollow sections offers an opportunity to maintain low costs, as it simplifies transportation and installation. Hollow sections generally have a smaller surface area which aids in the reduction of coating costs.

Square and rectangular hollow sections are aesthetically pleasing and hence often serve as a design element.

How are square hollow sections manufactured?

In order to form a rectangular steel section an appropriate feeder tube, a round steel tube, is formed first. To manufacture a SHS the round feeder tube is progressively pressed into a die of rectangular, square or circular shape. Sometimes this process is repeated in multiple cycles to achieve the desired measurements. This is all done inline. For example: A round tube with an outside diameter of 101.6 is pressed into an 80x80 square tube. This reshaping process can happen at room temperature, cold forming, or at around 950°C hot formed. Depending on the manufacturing method the end product can have varying visual characteristics.

Rectangular hollows section can also be manufactured from sheet metal. A process which directly shapes squares sections (with open seams) out of steel sheets. Here flat material is run through a mill, turning it into a square with an open seam which is subsequently sealed shut using high frequency contact welding. In a third and final step the square hollows are given the desired measurements.

Which industries utilise square hollow sections in their manufacture?

Due to their versatility in application square hollow sections have become increasingly popular in many industries, amongst others:

  • Plant engineering
  • Car manufacturing
  • Aircraft and ship building
  • Architecture specifically construction of halls
  • Sports equipment
  • Windows and doors
  • Utility lines

What are the benefits of square hollow sections?

Square and rectangular hollow sections bear static as well as constructive advantages due to their physical properties. Kloeckner customers have praised the following characteristics in particular:

  • High resilience
  • Versatility
  • Corrosion resistance (depending on surface finish)
  • Heat resistance
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Reusability
  • Aesthetically appealing

Which products can you purchase in the Kloeckner online shop?

The Kloeckner Online Shop offers a variety of square hollow sections, which you can conveniently order with the click of a button. Here you can choose from different materials, manufacturing processes, surface treatments and customized measurements. All products ordered are of the highest quality.