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General information on tubes

Kloeckner Metals UK supplies standard, stainless and ERW steel tubes.

Requirements concerning a tube’s particular characteristics can be adapted according to the area of application. Steel tube is frequently utilized in industries ranging from construction to office furniture. To suit individual industry needs, tubes can for example be manufactured with a high strength for loadbearing or with a superior surface finish for office furniture. Steel tubes have also come to play a vital role in car manufacturing where weight reduction is pivotal.

How are tubes manufactured?

Steel tubes can be manufactured with welded or seamless seams.

At Kloeckner Metals UK you can choose from hot or cold formed structural hollow sections and ERW tube. The manufacturing processes of hot finished and cold formed hollow sections differ in that hot finished hollow sections are formed at normalising temperature, while cold formed sections are formed at ambient temperature. Controlling temperatures during manufacturing helps supply tubing with different characteristics.

Seamless pipe is made by either pushing or pulling previously heated steel billets through a mandrel. The mandrel has a piercing point positioned in the centre of the billet which creates a hollow tubular end product.

Where do tubes come into operation?

Steel pipes have multiple operational purposes and are commonly utilized in:

  • Construction
  • Machine and plant construction
  • agricultural machinery
  • Car manufacturing
  • Furniture
  • Pipeline construction
  • Conveyor technology
  • Power plant technology
  • Chemistry and petrochemical sector

What are the benefits of steel tubes?

Depending on material and treatment, steel pipes can offer the following benefits:

  • Good machinability
  • High carrying capacity
  • Compressive strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Fully recyclable